Posted by: paulhollifield | April 25, 2014

20 Years This Month

Twenty years ago, this month, I said I do to the lady that God chose for me. I’m not sure she fully comprehended what the next couple of decades would look like, but she has never once flinched at the better, worse richer, poorer, sickness or health that has ensued.

This week I am fulfilling a promise that I made 20 years back, standing on a chilly street corner in Manhattan on our honeymoon. As I watched my beautiful new bride shiver and realizd that our body temps were drastically different, I made another vow. This vow was that one day we would take a second honeymoon somewhere warm and sunny.

Today, I have begun to keep that promise. As we sit here on Miami’s South Beach and reflect on this last year and God’s faithfullness in it, I realize just how blessed I am to know this wonderful, Godly woman sitting next to me. She deserves this week and much, much more.



  1. I am praying that you both relax and enjoy this time together. You are loved, respected and prayed for by our C3 family.

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